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Welcome to the Compendium of Feed Micro-Ingredients, a new publication that provides immediate access to information on vitamin, trace mineral and amino acid products, including an extensive listing of those commercial products currently available in the U.S. and Canada. This online publication is produced by the staff of Feedstuffs.

The Compendium of Feed Micro-Ingredients is offered in an online, internet-based format. The format allows you to conduct key-word searches to find those products that meet your search criteria for easy comparison. It will also allow us to keep the information as up-to-date as possible as manufacturers develop new products or improve their existing product lines.

Each category section (vitamin, trace mineral and amino acid) contains information on products for use in animal feed or development of premixes or base mixes. The trace mineral section is sub-divided into organic, inorganic and hydroxy trace minerals. Specific product use and marketing information is included. A separate manufacturer contact section is available in the Companies section.

The product information contained within the Compendium of Feed Micro-Ingredients was compiled from an extensive survey of manufacturers/distributors of vitamin, trace mineral and amino acid products.

Please note that it is not the intent of this Compendium to compare products or to make specific product recommendations. Rather, the purpose of this publication is to serve as a source of information for those interested in learning what products are available in the U.S. and from whom.

PUBLICATION POLICY: The information contained in this publication was supplied by the manufacturers/distributors of the products. To the best of the publisher’s knowledge, the information provided in the Compendium of Feed Micro-Ingredients is correct as presented. The Miller Publishing Co. disclaims all responsibility for any results that may occur or any conclusions or inferences that might be drawn following the use of the material presented in this publication.

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